February 27, 2021

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2020 Land Rover Defender 90 review, test drive

2020 Land rover Defender

2020 Land rover Defender prices (ex-showroom)

variant Defender 90 Defender 110

Base Rs 69.99 lakh. Rs 76.57 lakh

S Rs 73.41 lakh Rs 79.99 lakh

SE Rs 76.61 lakh Rs 83.28 lakh

HSE Rs 80.43 lakh Rs 87.10 lakh

First Edition Rs 81.30 lakh Rs 86.27 lakh


2020 Land rover Defender are in Namibia to drive the newborn Protector – the world’s most spectacular Land Roverver, which we are back to today. The new Defender, which goes on sale this year, has some great shoes to fill and a lighter leg to live. Since its origins in the Series 1 Land Rover more than 70 years ago. Protector has produced a sense of adventure unlike any other 4×4. It was a chosen vehicle for cross-country travel, military operations in conflict zones. For anyone with the spirit of exploring the remotest parts of the world.

And not too far away than Namibia, an unknown and unconnected country with a population of just 2.7 million. Spread over a large area like India’s quarter. It is the second most populous country in the world and feels that despair. You can drive for days without seeing anyone else. Let alone another car, in this wonderful African country.

There are few places in the world for better ‘social distribution’, something more than a billion dollars this world is compell to practice today, but that’s why Land Rover has chosen this wonderful place. The truth is, it has a long history in Africa. The enduring images of the Land Rovers crossing flood-prone rivers. Diving in the Sahara and traveling in the reserve and immortalized in films such as Born Free and The Gods Must Be Crazy have transformed this vast continent into a so-called ‘spiritual realm of Land Rover’. It was then worth having a new Defender dut drive when it felt right at home.


The home for the next three days is Kaokoland, a harsh and unhappy place on the northwest corner of the country. Kaokoland, a rural area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNamibia, is a semi-arid and uninhabitable region; sterile even over the rest of the world if that is possible. There are no roads in this region, the tracks disappear through the desert and rocky roads in the hills. This is a serious 4×4 world, where good ground clearance, short blows, and low gear are all pre-requisits, but not enough to guarante a safe place.


Before I leave, I take a good look at the Defender while it is clean and muddy. It comes in two body styles – a 3-door, 90-series, and 110-door series with a long wheelbase. In Namibia, it’s the Defender 110 I’m driving.

Engine performance

There are four engine options: two 2.0-liter diesels with 200hp and 240hp, and two petrol – 300hp, turbo-petrol and 400hp, 3.0 gentle-hybrid turbo-petrol. India will only get a 2.0 liter P300 (300hp) petrol that can be price between Rs 69.99-86.27 lakh when it arrives at shows in August. Diesel will be followed in a few months but it is not yet clear which one. All engines ar fitted with an automatic 8 ZF automatic transmission. No option.

Of the Namibian drives, there were only two variants we had to drive: the standard 110 D240 diesel with 18-inch wheels, and the 19-inch 110S P400. Both of these variants were release through the optional ‘Explorer Pack’ option which adds Rs 5 lakh to your deal. This gets you an air-conditioned drink, an outdoor storage box, a curved staircase for easy access, a sturdy roof carrier, as well as many black plastic pieces and multiple choices to give your Defender a ready-to-go look.


On the second day I turned to the more powerful P400 petrol fuel of Van Zyl’s passing, one of the world’s largest passenger. Design by Dutch designer, Ben Van Zyl, this transfer is mad by a local artist using gaps, axes and hammrs; no transmitters are used here, and they are displayed. It took us 1.5 hours to cover 10km! Forget about the dirt road, in some parts, the highways and the lowways are just lanes covered with large boulders that go out to test every mile of Defender’s wheel clearance and ground clearance. It was at Van Zyl that I was convince that the Protector was the most talent person in the world. Not only did you jump from one rock to the next, but you did it easily.

The gentle 3.0-liter hybrid has a good wide spread of torque and enough dampness to keep the heavy Defender up. The tradition of those who successfully defeat Van Zyl is to place their names in the underground stone section, and that is exactly what I did.


I start on the D240 diesel and the first impression is of a nice round view from the high chairs. Aid by a straight A-pillar and large windows. But the lasting impression is that it is comfort. Defender’s ability to bring in the punishing world is amazing, and every evening I step out of his well-placed wardrobe with no tired bone in my body, too, and this includes a drive that takes up to 12 hours for a few breaks. I didn’t get in the back seat except for those few seconds when I was chase away from the airstrip to get out.

What I can only say will be improved upper seating, greater thigh support, and a more comfortable floor room. are the owners. There is room for a third row of seats, but in our car is increase luggage and other car-relate items. Speaking of storage, the Land Rover wardrob has plenty, and what I found most effctive was the solid shelf above the glove box that held securely to my GoPro, mobile, and mounting.


The Powering the Land Rover Defender is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine. Top power and torque are rate at 300hp and 400Nm, respectively. The standard speed gearbox is the equivalent of Land Rover’s Terrain Response All-Wheel Drive system. 0-100kph picks up 8.0sec at 90 and 8.1sec at 110.


In terms of accessories, the top-spec First Edition variant will come with a 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system, cameras display, automatic climate control, connected car technology, wireless charging, Meridi system sound, 12 electric alternatives and electrically heated, 360-degree camera, LED lights and Electronic Air Suspension lamps (Standard 110). The standard safety kit includes six airbags, ABS, track control, driver status monitoring, blind spot and rear and rear parking sensors. Continuing its colorful attraction, the Protector also comes with leather seats. Fabric seats and rubber underwear, making the interior easy to clean when dirty.

The Land Rover Defender is brought to India via the CBU route under renewable import procedures. The Defender will be available with many additional additions and packages to customize the SUV in favor of customer taste. The SUV release will begin in August. With regard to competitors, the Protector will compete with the Jeep Wrangler and Mercedes-Benz G 350d.

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